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Auld Mans Baccie are an acoustic duo playing roots, Americana, and traditional blues music.

Consisting of Davey (the Reveren...d Curtis Humbucker) Curtis Vocals and Guitar and Nick (the Baptist) Phillips on slide. Playing an eclectic mix of Delta, Chicago, and Gospel foot tapping beer drinking music along with a growing number of self penned songs.

Currently playing around the North East blues scene with regular appearances at the Harbour View Blues Club and the Rosedene Acoustic Sessions the lads are gaining a good following and are regularly asked to host guest spots.

A recent appearance at the Reivers Rock and Blues Festival prompted this response from Radio Lionheart’s Blues Presenter Roger Daniel:

“Those who weren't there missed a rare treat in Auld Man's Baccie. This was a highlight of the festival. Sure, there were great acts like Ben Poole, Mitch Laddie, Paul Lamb, Halfdeaf Clatch. They played wonderful sets. For me though, my abiding memory will be of Auld Man's Baccie. We are going to be hearing a lot more of them. I guarantee it.”

“Tune in to Jolly Roger's popular radio show. This edition features a band that took Reivers Rock and Blues Festival by storm, ' Auld Mans Baccie'. Take prime quality blues music. Add the zany humour of Curtis Humbucker. Stir in a generous dose of Nick Phillips. Add a sprinkling of Jolly Roger's sea salt. Serve in the studio of Lionheart Radio. Hey presto, you have one of the most entertaining ways known to man of spending a Thursday afternoon.”

Sunderland Blues Festival

“...and I cannot leave out the band who are last on the bill downstairs….Auld Mans Baccie, who produce fantastic foot-stomping Blues that deserves to be heard on a national stage” 
Nemmblog Previewer: Geoff Scott

Jim Bullock, Blues Musician
Auld Man's Baccie, a duo from north-east Durham. Mumford shirts and braces, shades of the pit? Right...? Well, no. 
After years of valiant service in regional R&B bands, these boys have made a musical homecoming, back to the blues. And a very happy homecoming it is. AMB are Davey Curtis, aka Brother Curtis ( vocals, guitar and foot percussion) and Nick Phillips (slide guitar, words of wisdom.) From their spiritual home, the Dun Cow, Seaton, they venture forth on their mission: to bravely challenge the insidious advance of musical blandness and X-Factorisation, two Davids against a chest-haired Goliath. Tampa Red, the great Elmore, Saint Muddy - these are their guardian spirits. Theirs is no 'wrist-slitting blues.' It's as foot-stomping as you like, full of joy and celebration and, thankfully, without a hint of macho posturing. And then there's The Table . . . The Table makes them a trio. It sits quietly, low, check- clothed, a lamp illuminating a framed photograph of Muddy, perhaps a glass of wine and a few selected offerings. 
I was recently honoured to be asked to play some harmonica with them and was able to bring humble gifts - a black cat bone and a mojo chew. 'Champagne and Reefer'; 'It Hurts Me Too.' 
Go and see them. You won't be disappointed
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